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At Biorithm, from the first 9 months to the next 90 years, we treasure every beat  

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At Biorithm, we create new frontiers in maternal-fetal medicine to improve pregnancy outcomes globally.


We combine our advanced proprietary data analytics software and medical-grade wearable for an accurate monitoring of a wide range of pregnancy vital data.

Enabling a novel approach to Electrical Fetal Monitoring, the Biorithm Fetal Monitor accurately detects Fetal Heart Rate, Uterine Contractions & Maternal Heart Rate using ECG/EMG technology.


Unlike current hand-held Dopplers or cardiotocographs, our solution is able to extract cardiac parameters that could indicate more specific fetal conditions, identify and predict different maternal & fetal states of distress.


We empower clinicians to identify early signs of maternal-fetal distress for timely intervention while reducing the cost of care.

Designed for patient-centered & value-based care 


About Us 

 Founded by doctors & engineers, Biorithm is a medical signal processing company which has spun off from Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU) in late 2015.


Our mission is to build affordable and accessible cutting-edge technologies which benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem through our personalized healthcare data analytics engine. 


Our Partners 

We are always looking up for exciting opportunities to advance research into fetal and maternal health.

If you are sharing our vision and want to join our exciting journey as an employee, research & clinical partners or technology provider, please contact us! 


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